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Agents On the Air

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Photo of Spring Williams-Bydr
Spring Williams-Byrd
County Extension Director

Extension Offers Virtual Opportunities

Grow Your Own Food

COVID-19 Resources

Extension Volunteers

Photo of Emily Troutman
Emily Troutman
Extension Agent, Family & Consumer Sciences

Food Standards, Certifications and Labels Series:
Organic Certification

Benefits of Organic

Standards, Certifications & Labels

 All Natural

GMO Labeling

GMO Concerns

More in My Basket

photo of Nicki Carpenter
Nicki Carpenter
Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development

Childhood Fears

Second Grade

Earth Day

Sixth Grade & Career Options

Salad Garden Salad

Teen Leader – Gracie

NC Virtual Summer Programs

photo of Damon Pollard
Damon Pollard
Extension Agent, Agriculture – Livestock, Forestry & Field Crops

Cattle Vaccinations

Spring Herd Health

Making Quality Hay

Weed Control in Pastures

Controlled Breeding Season

Pasture Management

Summer Annuals

Cattle Working Facilities

Controlling Flies on Horses


photo of Donna Teasley
Donna Teasley
Extension Agent, Agriculture – Horticulture

Spring – Not the best time to plant grass

Wild Onions or Wild Garlic

Growing Broccoli

Early Blight on Tomatoes

Euonymus Scale

Controlling Poison Ivy

Spring Pruning

Strawberry Thieves

Squash Vine Borer

Japanese Beetle Control