November Lawn & Garden Tips

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What to Plant

  • Plant spring flowering bulbs now. Make sure and keep bulbs with similar heights and flowering times together.
  • Plant ball and burlap ornamentals after they go dormant. Wait until leaves have fallen before planting.
  • Most shrubs do well when planted in the fall. Plants can tolerate extremes in winter temperatures much better than extremes in summer temperatures.
purple hyacinth, pink tulips, yellow daffodils

Spring Flowering Bulbs


  • Keep fallen leaves from piling up on lawns, especially if newly established. Accumulations of leaves can smother newly seeded and established grasses.
  • Continue to mow cool season lawns as long as growth is present. Apply one pound of nitrogen per one thousand square feet of established cool season grass
  • Make sure lawn power equipment is in good working order before storing for the winter. Sharpen blades and change filters now so that equipment will be ready to go in the spring.
  • When warm-season lawns go dormant, winter annual weeds can be treated with a selective herbicide.
lawn rake in a pile of fall leaves

Keep Leaves off the Lawn


  • November is a good time to reapply mulch around trees and shrubs. It holds in moisture and provides winter protection for trees and shrubs.
  • Trim dead foliage off of perennials, taking care to mark any that need to be moved before spring.
  • Remove any damaged limbs from trees and shrubs to prevent hazards from accumulations of ice later in the season.
  • Do not fertilize landscape plants this late in the season. Plants need to be allowed to harden off before winter weather arrives.
wagon with mulch next to tree with mulch ring around it

Mulch Trees & Shrubs


  • If blossom end rot was a problem on tomatoes, now is the time to do a soil test to check for incorrect pH levels in the garden.
  • Continue to harvest fall vegetables such as lettuce and greens. Protecting in a cold frame will prolong the harvest of these vegetables.
  • Clean debris from the vegetable garden. This will help prevent many diseases from overwintering in the garden.
  • Till organic material such as leaves into the garden for improved drainage.

    person cleaning dead plants out of the garden and putting the debris in a trash bag

    Clean Debris out of the Vegetable Garden