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School Enrichment: Embryology

4-H Embryology

Burke County 4-H-Embryology

2nd Grade: Hatching Classroom Projects (Embryology)

Hatching Classroom Projects aligns with 2nd grade Essential Standard-Structures and Functions of Living Organisms. Developers of the Hatching Curriculum designed each lesson to be grade-level appropriate and have been correlated with U.S. National Science Education Standards.

Children have a natural sense of curiosity about living things in the world around them. Building on this curiosity, students can develop and understanding of biology through direct experience with living things, their cycles and their habitats. Many believe students learn best by interacting with the world- by listening, observing, experimenting and applying their knowledge to real world situations.

An additional goal of this curriculum is to help students develop life skills. Life skills help an individual live a productive and satisfying life. Within this curriculum students will have the opportunity to develop life skills related to science processes, managing, thinking, working, relating, and living a healthy lifestyle.

This curriculum meets the “Guidelines for Animals in North Carolina Public Schools” (2008) set for the by the North Carolina Public Health Department.

Burke County 4-H offers this School Enrichment Program with providing Educator Training, access to equipment and supplies, and agent-led educational support activities.

Essential Standards

  • Structures and Functions of Living Organisms
  • Understanding Animal Life Cycles

Clarifying Objectives: 2.L.I.I Summarize the Life Cycle of Animals

  • Birth
  • Developing into an adult
  • Reproducing
  • Aging and death

How to participate:

  • Registration for 4-H Embryology Program
  • Registered Educator Access:  VIRTUAL EMBRYOLOGY UNIT

Contact the 4-H Agent: Nicki Carpenter