National Farm City Week 2020

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November 20-27, 2020

Long before the founding of the United States, farms and ranches have been an essential part of civilization. Generations of farms continue to provide economic, environmental, and health benefits.

Farmers contributions; from the crops and livestock we eat, to the textiles we use for clothing and shoes; supplement the economy with jobs while providing bountiful crops to feed our population.

As a way to recognize farmers and ranchers, there will be educational forums, social media campaigns, and local events held during National Farm City Week.

Farmers also benefit the urban centers. Distributors, restaurants, grocers, producers, and more provide expanded utilization of farm products. Whether they’re providing food, medicines, or textiles to consumers, farmers have an economic impact in their city as well as in the rural communities.

Be thankful for the farmers and ranchers in our country. They continuously seek ways to improve farming methods while providing safe and healthful products. While we consider where the food on our table comes from this Thanksgiving, think about the impact of farms on your life.

No matter where we live, on the farm or in the city, a farmer touches our lives.

Use #FarmCityWeek to give a shout out to the farmers, ranchers, and merchants who support them.