USDA Collecting Information on PPE Needs of Farmers

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The USDA is collecting information on growers’ ability to access needed PPE for pesticide applications and other agriculture uses for 2020. To indicate what your individual farm/nursery needs are please fill out this Excel form and forward to with the subject line (Name of Farm or Nursery) PPE/Sanitization Needs.

If you are unsure how to complete the excel form you can also send your PPE needs directly to Robin Tutor from the NC Agromedicine Institute. Email the following information to

Information Needed:
–  Type of respirators used (e.g., N95, half face, full face)
–  Type of filters/cartridges used (e.g., particulate filter (P100), P100/organic vapor, –     P100/acid gas (fumigants)
–  Number of respirators needed for the year
–  Number of filters or combination cartridges needed for the year (by type)