Local Winner in the Southeastern Hay Contest

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The Southeastern Hay Contest is the premier forage quality contest in the Southeastern USA, with entries coming from hundreds of producers across 13 states. The goal of the contest is to demonstrate the potential for high-quality hay and bailage, showcase the management abilities of producers, and highlight technology and equipment that make it all possible.

We would like to congratulate Hayden Cline of Cline Farms in Valdese, for producing second-place entries in two different categories in the 2018 contest at the Southeastern Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia. Hayden had the second-place entry in Alfalfa Hay, with an RFQ (relative Feed Quality) of 283. He also submitted the second-place entry of Mixed Grass hay with an RFQ of 170. Hayden has worked tirelessly to produce high-quality hay for both the horse market and the local livestock community. His attention to detailed management and perseverance have earned him a spot among the best hay producers in the Southeast.

Congratulations, Hayden Cline.

Image of Hayden Cline