Fall Grub Control

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Fall is the perfect time to treat your yard for next year’s grubs. Japanese beetle and June bug grubs are hatching right now and if you kill them before they grow to be large, tough, indestructible grubs, you’ll be way ahead of the game. Small grubs are easily killed at this time of year by applying products containing trichlorfon. Brands such as Dylox and Bayer 24 Hour Grub Control are easily found in area garden centers. They should be applied before the end of October because the grubs will dig deep in to the soil to avoid cold temperatures.

Always follow label directions when applying any pesticide. There are other grub remedies on the market that are used during the summer months. They work well at that time of the year but will not be effective now. The pesticide must contain Trichlorfon. Look at the active ingredient on the bag before you purchase it if you aren’t sure.

If Japanese beetles or June bugs have been a problem this year, also encourage neighbors to treat their lawns too. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t always see the grubs come to the surface of the soil when they die. Only June bug grubs do this. Japanese beetle grubs remain in the ground as they die, so don’t think that the product is not working just because you don’t see dead grubs.