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Cover photo for Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetles

Well, we didn’t see many Japanese beetles last summer but we are certainly paying for it this summer. The …

Cover photo for Summer Canning Workshops

Summer Canning Workshops

Canning season is upon us! As canning season approaches, there are a few things to inspect to ensure a …

Cover photo for Burke County 4-H Summer Fun

Burke County 4-H Summer Fun

The Burke County 4-H Summer Fun Schedule is HERE!! Registration begins on Tuesday, May 30th from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. Burke …

Cover photo for The 17-Year Cicada

The 17-Year Cicada

The 17-year cicada is here! They started emerging from the soil about a week ago and will spend the …

Cover photo for Invasion of Giant Mosquitoes

Invasion of Giant Mosquitoes

As spring progresses so do the numbers of insect pest calls in to the Extension office. It is always …

Cover photo for Raised Bed Workshop

Raised Bed Workshop

Do you want to have a vegetable garden but don’t have the space? Perhaps your knees and your back …