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Pumpkin Seeds

Many people are interested in how to roast pumpkin seeds during the fall months. Drying and roasting pumpkin seeds …

Turnoff Week 2008

Every day, children ages eight to 18 spend more than six hours watching TV, playing video games or using …

Tips for Buying Gift Cards

The gift card market is growing rapidly. You will probably give or get one this holiday season. Gift cards …

Caring for Textile Heirlooms

Heirloom coverlets, quilts, afghans, blankets and linens need special care. Don't lock them away in attic trunks—use them. Extreme …

Pantry Pests

If you have ever had bugs in the cornmeal and flour in your kitchen, you know how aggravating they …

Energy Audits Can Save Money

How much energy does your home consume and is there a way to reduce your energy costs? A certified …

How Homes Consume Energy

How you heat and cool your home is a major decider in how much energy your home consumes. Having …

Become a Savvy Consumer

Where can you find the best and most direct solutions to consumer problems and questions? Look to The Federal …

Build Wealth, Not Debt

A recent study, commissioned by Consumer Credit Counseling Service, revealed that overall consumer debt has increased by 38% for …

Recent Publications related to Home & Family

After the Flood: Inspect, Purge, and Disinfect Your Well

This factsheet offers instruction on what to do with your well after a flood.

10/23/18Disaster Recovery
Clean debris from gutters regularly.

Preventive Home Maintenance Check-Up

This publication offers a simple guide to home maintenance and includes an inspection checklist.

When the Power Is Out - When to Save Refrigerated Food and When to Throw It Out

This factsheet offers information on which refrigerated foods to discard when the power is out …

10/10/18Disaster Recovery

What Is the Difference Between a Sweetpotato and a Yam?

Several decades ago, when orange-fleshed sweet potatoes were introduced in the southern United States, producers …

What to Do If You Lose Your Job: Preparing for the Search

This factsheet offers information on what to do if you lose your job.

Figure 1. Wastewater treatment and dispersal in the environment

Why Do Septic Systems Fail?

This publication describes common causes for septic tank failures and suggests steps you can take …

Backyard composting bin

What CAN Be Composted?

List of items that can and cannot be composted at home.

Figure 1. Mosquito life cycle.

Mosquito Control Around Homes and in Communities

This Entomology Insect Note addresses mosquito biology and how to control mosquitoes around homes and …