Prune With Caution popular

Pruning of landscape plants should be done to enhance the beauty of the plant, to get rid of ice-damaged branches or to keep the plant at a manageable size. Different plants need to MORE »

Pansy flowers in the snow

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

As fall creeps slowly into the area, it is difficult for gardeners to say goodbye to their flower gardens that have added color and life to the landscape all summer. But even though MORE »

Time To Take Charge Of The Lawn

It’s been a rough summer out there for lawns. The frequent, pounding rains along with very hot and humid weather have taken their toll on the fescue lawns in our area. Brown patch MORE »

Controlling Summer Weeds

We’re deep in summer now and although it might be hard to think about the fall, anyone who plans to plant fall grass needs to start making preparations. Fall is the best time MORE »

Tomatoes or Walnuts?

It’s a tough choice to have to make. As southerners, we hold our tomato plants in high esteem and go to great lengths to have the biggest and best plants around. But, then MORE »

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