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Time For Garden Pest Warfare

Seeds are up, the tomatoes are getting taller and the squash and cucumbers are starting to run-now what? For the vegetable gardener, the easy part is done. It’s time for the most difficult MORE »


Test Pressure Canner Gauge For Safe Canning

Spring is here and gardens are beginning to produce.  It’s time to get canning supplies and equipment checked and ready for use. If your canner has a pressure gauge, it should be tested MORE »

Horses Grazing

Forages For Horses

Good management of horse pastures can easily provide almost all dietary requirements for the average pleasure horse. Good management can greatly extend the grazing season, greatly reducing hay needs. Horses on poor pasture MORE »

Garden Alert – Squash Vine Borer

It’s time for a devastating insect to attack our squash and pumpkin plants. The squash vine borer danger period is fast approaching and if you’ve ever had this pest before, now is the MORE »


Strawberries, Nutritious and Delicious

Sweet, fragrant strawberries are a sure sign of summer!  Locally grown strawberries are now in season and taste great. Look for bright and fully red, medium sized, plump, unblemished, fragrant, glossy, slightly soft MORE »


Carpenter Bees Are Officially Here

What could be more frustrating than japanese beetles, boxelder bugs or army worms?  The answer is carpenter bees.  Anyone who owns a building made of wood is probably experiencing the problems of trying MORE »


Fresh Connections ECA Serves Community

The Extension & Community Association (ECA) is a partner with N.C. Cooperative Extension. The purpose of NCECA is to empower individuals and families to improve their quality of living through continuing education, leadership MORE »


Container Gardening A Convenient Solution

Spring is really upon us now and gardeners can finally start thinking about summer flowers. It seems as each growing season presents issues and as we work our way through the periods of MORE »


Beef Quality Assurance Training

Burke County Cooperative Extension will hold a Beef Quality Assurance Training on Thursday, April 17th, at 7:00pm. This training will focus on preparing producers for the certification test. The Beef Quality Assurance Program MORE »

Prune With Caution

Pruning of landscape plants should be done to enhance the beauty of the plant, to get rid of ice-damaged branches or to keep the plant at a manageable size. Different plants need to MORE »

Cattle Working Facilities

To properly manage a cattle operation, adequate handling facilities are a must. Having a fast, efficient means of safely working cattle benefits both the animals and the producer. The better a producer’s working MORE »

Rotational Grazing Improves Pasture Use

Abundant forage growth is what all livestock producers would like to see in pastures. By following basic management tasks, like fertilizing according to soil test results, controlling weeds and planting clovers to enhance MORE »

The Latest & Greatest Plants For 2014

It’s officially spring but I’m not so sure that we’re done with cold weather. But, we can start thinking about our gardens and landscapes and making some plans. We all like to plant MORE »

Burke County 4-H Hosts Annual Awards Celebration

On Tuesday, February 25th, Burke County Cooperative Extension and the Burke County 4-H program hosted 4-H Achievement Night. Each year Burke County 4-H honors its 4-Hers and clubs by recognizing their accomplishments with MORE »

Extension Honors 4-H Club of the Year

At this year’s Burke County 4-H Achievement Night, held on Tuesday February 25, 2014, the Great Adventurers 4-H Club was recognized as our 2013 4-H Club of the Year. The Great Adventurers have MORE »

4-Hers Complete Project Records

Following an eventful 4-H year, Burke County youth complete 4-H project records that tell what they have learned in their 4-H project.  Projects can include livestock, 4-H Electric, art, leadership, citizenship, community service, MORE »

Get A Taste Of Good Nutrition

We eat with our eyes as well, as our mouth and nose, so why not prepare foods that look, smell, and taste delicious. When taste is the major influencer of what we eat, MORE »

Horse Industry Promotion Referendum

Horse and other equine animal owners/lessors will vote across the state on March 11, 2014 to determine whether to continue to voluntarily assess themselves two dollars ($2.00) per ton of commercial horse feed MORE »