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It’s Fair Time In Drexel

There’s no feel of fall in the air yet, and the heat of summer is still upon us but even though we aren’t done with summer, its fair time and the Drexel Community MORE »


Green Beans MUST be Canned with a Pressure Canner

The process for canning green beans has often been controversial as many still remember old-fashioned practices learned from family and friends. Safely canning green beans requires using a tested and reliable method. Pressure MORE »


Forage Sampling

Do you know the nutrient composition of the hay you have baled or purchased? If not, you really have no idea what you are feeding your livestock. Profitable livestock production is dependent on MORE »


Rose Rosette Disease

Rose rosette disease has been identified in the south since the 1940s and although it is a killer of wild and cultivated roses, it has been relatively benign in its damaging effects until MORE »


Tough Beans Perplex Gardeners

Each summer I get a few calls from area gardeners with complaints about tough green beans. Most folks around Burke County grow one of the half-runner type green beans. These beans have been MORE »


Tomatoes or Walnuts?

It’s a tough choice to have to make.  As southerners, we hold our tomato plants in high esteem and go to great lengths to have the biggest and best plants around.  But, then MORE »


Heat and Humidity

Livestock producers can help their animals endure the stress from heat and humidity in a variety of ways. To reduce livestock heat stress in hot humid conditions, it is important to provide plenty MORE »

Dealing With Pinkeye In Cattle

Pinkeye or infectious bovine kerato-conjunctivitis was first diagnosed in 1889, and remains an economically important disease in cattle today.  There are three different types of pinkeye. The first is a vitamin A deficiency MORE »

Blue, Pink, and Purple Hydrangea flowers

Why Don’t My Hydrangeas Bloom?

The one garden question that I get at all times of the year is ”why don’t my hydrangeas bloom?”   There are some things that the gardener needs to know before the answer becomes MORE »

Learn to Delay Complications of Diabetes

Did you know that the number one complication of diabetes over time is heart disease? Other complications of diabetes may include nerve damage or neuropathy, liver and kidney damage, vision problems, infections, gum MORE »


Watch for Early Blight in Tomatoes

Tomatoes are America’s favorite garden crop and although they taste great, they can be difficult to grow. They are susceptible to many diseases and insects, many of which they can withstand without major MORE »


Controlling Flies On Cattle

With recent warmer weather, fly populations have increased. Horn flies and face flies are the primary pests of cattle here in Burke County. These species breed in fresh manure but each presents a MORE »

Time For Garden Pest Warfare

Seeds are up, the tomatoes are getting taller and the squash and cucumbers are starting to run-now what? For the vegetable gardener, the easy part is done. It’s time for the most difficult MORE »


Test Pressure Canner Gauge For Safe Canning

Spring is here and gardens are beginning to produce.  It’s time to get canning supplies and equipment checked and ready for use. If your canner has a pressure gauge, it should be tested MORE »

Horses Grazing

Forages For Horses

Good management of horse pastures can easily provide almost all dietary requirements for the average pleasure horse. Good management can greatly extend the grazing season, greatly reducing hay needs. Horses on poor pasture MORE »

Garden Alert – Squash Vine Borer

It’s time for a devastating insect to attack our squash and pumpkin plants. The squash vine borer danger period is fast approaching and if you’ve ever had this pest before, now is the MORE »


Strawberries, Nutritious and Delicious

Sweet, fragrant strawberries are a sure sign of summer!  Locally grown strawberries are now in season and taste great. Look for bright and fully red, medium sized, plump, unblemished, fragrant, glossy, slightly soft MORE »