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A Day of Fun for a Good Cause

As 2014 comes to a close, there’s one more good cause that needs your attention. Burke County 4-H is hosting a fundraiser to help with expenses for summer camp and other activities for MORE »

4-H Horse Program Succeeds in 2014

In 2014, more than 35 youth have participated in the Burke County 4-H Horse Program.  The 4-H Horse Program teaches youth about equine science through activities like horse shows, horse judging, summer day MORE »

Fall Pruning

Fall is here and for some reason people love to prune in the fall.  Let’s talk about that!  Fall is not a great time prune.  Pruning encourages new growth and new tender growth MORE »


Fall Planting for Spring Flowers

Fall bulbs are available in all the garden centers at this time of year. Of course, these bulbs must be planted now in order to bloom in the spring. Spring flowering bulbs must MORE »

Stockpiling Forages for Fall and Winter Pasture

Livestock producers can take advantage of late summer and early fall growing conditions to obtain high quality pasture for late fall and early winter grazing. This practice is called stockpiling. The best grasses MORE »


National Paper Clover Campaign

Morganton, NC – National 4-H Council has announced the launch of the fall 2014         4-H Paper Clover Campaign in partnership with Tractor Supply Company (TSC). This event marks the fifth year of collaboration MORE »


An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

There may be some truth in this catchy reminder. But it is important to realize, it doesn’t have to be just apples, everyone needs to consume a daily dose of fruit, whatever the MORE »


Stinkbugs Invade Burke County

If stinkbugs were a crop, Burke County would certainly have an abundant harvest this fall. They are everywhere, in all parts of the county in large numbers. The Extension office gets 5-10 calls MORE »

Firewood Tips

With energy prices high, many homeowners will turn to wood as an economical heating source this winter. Many will cut their own firewood while others must buy what they need. Look for three MORE »

Horses Grazing

Red Maple Poisoning in Horses

Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy being outdoors, but with fall comes the seasonal hazard of toxic poisoning from falling leaves. Red maples are particularly dangerous to horses. They are abundant in MORE »

Burke County Youth Attends NCACC Youth Summit

A 4-Her from Burke County attended the fifth annual North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC) Youth Summit, which was held in Asheville, North Carolina August 15-16, 2014.  North Carolina 4-H and the MORE »


Bryce Lane Comes to Morganton

With the growing season drawing to a close most gardeners look back and think about what he or she should have or could have done in their gardens this year. With the memory MORE »

40 Years of Horticulture with Bryce Lane

Celebrate Extension’s 100th Anniversary with Bryce Lane, two-time Emmy Award winning television personality, retired Horticulture Instructor, NC State, and an accomplished garden speaker. Bryce’s presentation, “40 Years of Horticulture: Observations, Inspirations, and Invitations”, will MORE »

How To Grow An All-Season Landscape

Is the vegetable garden looking pretty weedy these days? And do the marigolds and petunias appear to be a little tired? When September rolls around all gardeners know that the growing season is MORE »

4-H Delegation Attends Annual Electric Congress

A delegation from Burke County attended the 67th annual 4-H Electric Congress July 14-16 at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee. Two hundred 4‑H’ers, adult leaders and N.C. Cooperative Extension agents from 59 counties MORE »

All Grub Killers Are Not The Same

It is time to kill grubs in the lawn now but beware of the products available. There are many products labeled for grub control but they work differently at specific times of the MORE »

Time to Take Charge of the Lawn

It’s been a rough summer out there for lawns. The frequent, pounding rains along with very hot and humid weather have taken their toll on the fescue lawns in our area. Brown patch MORE »


It’s Fair Time In Drexel

There’s no feel of fall in the air yet, and the heat of summer is still upon us but even though we aren’t done with summer, its fair time and the Drexel Community MORE »


Green Beans MUST be Canned with a Pressure Canner

The process for canning green beans has often been controversial as many still remember old-fashioned practices learned from family and friends. Safely canning green beans requires using a tested and reliable method. Pressure MORE »