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Fall is for Planting

Fall gardening can be a delight. It’s wonderful to be able to work outside without enduring miserable temperatures and hords of insects. Whether your interests are vegetables, flowers or shrubs the fall can MORE »


4-H Delegation Attends Annual Electric Congress

A delegation from Burke County attended the 68th annual 4-H Electric Congress July 13-15 at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. 180 4‑H’ers, adult leaders and N.C. Cooperative Extension agents from 54 counties MORE »


Time to Treat Peach Tree Borers

Calls frequently come in to the Extension office with callers asking about a jelly like substance seeping from their peach and plum trees and also their ornamental cherries and peach trees. Crabapple is MORE »

Managing Cattle In A Drought

Dry conditions and excessive temps have prevailed in Burke County and across the State this summer. Beef producers are looking for management techniques to cope with these conditions. The first step is to MORE »

Poultry Producer Alert – Avian Influenza

N.C. continues to prepare for possible avian influenza outbreak RALEIGH – State Veterinarian Doug Meckes announced additional precautions that are being put in place to help North Carolina prepare for a possible introduction MORE »

Burke Resident Honored

Longtime Burke County resident, William C. (Bill) Parton was honored recently for his leadership in the advancement of agriculture in western NC when he was inducted in to the Western NC Agricultural Hall MORE »


Too Many Cucumbers…..Make Pickles!

Cucumbers are plentiful either at the local farmer’s market or maybe growing in your back yard! Pickles are easy to make and can be made even without a lot of equipment. Cucumbers are MORE »

Preparing for the Canning Season

With gardens coming in and fruits and vegetables ready to harvest, what are you going to do with the multitude? You may be thinking about preserving your harvest for the first time—or dusting MORE »

Jr. 4-H Beekeeper Program

While we humans choose the summer to relax and enjoy sunny days and lake vacations, it is not the case for all creatures. Summer is prime time for the honeybee, one of nature’s MORE »

4-H Summer Fun Openings

Burke County 4-H is still working hard to offer some exciting classes and trips for a SUMMER of FUN. On Wednesday, July 15th, Burke County 4-H will be hosting a pioneer day for MORE »

Guard Against Squash Vine Borers Now

The second generation of adult squash vine borers are now active, and are searching for squash plants to attack. These wasp-like insects lay eggs in the soil close to squash plants. The eggs MORE »


Some Crops Like It Hot … Some Don’t

As the summer progresses it is about time to start harvesting fresh tomatoes from the garden. In the south, it can be considered one of the highlights of the year. There are numerous MORE »


Not All Bees Are Bad Bees

Not all bees live in hives like honeybees. In fact , of all the bee species, over 90% are solitary bees. Female solitary bees prepare their own nest in the ground, in cracks MORE »

Blame Weather Not Dog For Unsightly Mold

Get ready gardeners. It’s early for the disgusting but harmless slime mold to rear its ugly head in Burke County landscapes but it is here. Slime mold (Fuligo septicai) is a fungus that MORE »

Grass Tetany

Grass tetany is a season-specific metabolic disturbance of cattle that occurs when cattle are grazing lush vegetation. It occurs mainly when cows are in transition from winter rations to grazing lush new growth MORE »

A New Crop of Extension Master Gardeners

You can always tell when the new growing season starts because that’s when our new crop of Extension Master Gardeners graduate and start using their newly acquired gardening knowledge. Extension Master Gardeners is MORE »

Prune With Caution

Pruning of landscape plants should be done to enhance the beauty of the plant, to get rid of ice-damaged branches or to keep the plant at a manageable size. Different plants need to MORE »