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Prune With Caution

Pruning of landscape plants should be done to enhance the beauty of the plant, to get rid of ice-damaged branches or to keep the plant at a manageable size. Different plants need to MORE »


Onions Belong in Salads, Not Lawns

The weather’s warming up and spring is definitely on the way. Along with spring weather comes spring weeds. There are lots of them but none are any more dreaded than wild onion or MORE »


Time for Bagworm Patrol

Bagworms look exactly like they sound. They spend much of their life as worms living in bags. They are common throughout North Carolina and seem to prefer juniper and arborvitae as their home, MORE »


Extension Honors 4-H Club of the Year

At this year’s Burke County 4-H Achievement Night, held on Tuesday February 24th, the Citizens in Action 4-H Club was recognized as our 2014 4-H Club of the Year. The CIA 4-H Club MORE »


4-Hers Complete Project Records

At the end of each year in 4-H, Burke County youth complete 4-H project records that tell what they have learned in their 4-H project. Projects can include livestock, 4-H Electric, art, leadership, MORE »


4-H Hosts Annual Awards Celebration

On Tuesday, February 24th, Burke County Cooperative Extension and the Burke County 4-H program hosted 4-H Achievement Night. Each year Burke County 4-H recognizes our 4-H Youth and volunteers for their accomplishments over MORE »

Fescue Toxicosis

Late winter is not a time that we typically think of fescue toxicosis, as our thoughts are more like keeping animals fed and waging war on mud. However, I receive many calls from MORE »

Protect Trees and Shrubs from Artic Temps

Extended periods of below-freezing weather are rough on us and our pets but these aren’t the only victims-trees and shrubs in the landscape can also take a beating from extreme cold. One or MORE »


Choose Foods to Chew

Looking for ways to help with keeping your New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier or lose weight? One way you can do this is when deciding what to order at a restaurant or MORE »

Time To Order Small Fruits

TIME TO ORDER SMALL FRUITS With the coming of the new year it’s not too soon to realize that spring is on its way. It is not too early to think about spring, MORE »

100 HUGS

Help Burke County Cooperative Extension collect 100 HUGS!  Part of our mission is to improve the lives, land, and economy of the citizens we serve. One of the ways we can do this MORE »

A Day of Fun for a Good Cause

As 2014 comes to a close, there’s one more good cause that needs your attention. Burke County 4-H is hosting a fundraiser to help with expenses for summer camp and other activities for MORE »

4-H Horse Program Succeeds in 2014

In 2014, more than 35 youth have participated in the Burke County 4-H Horse Program.  The 4-H Horse Program teaches youth about equine science through activities like horse shows, horse judging, summer day MORE »

Fall Pruning

Fall is here and for some reason people love to prune in the fall.  Let’s talk about that!  Fall is not a great time prune.  Pruning encourages new growth and new tender growth MORE »


Fall Planting for Spring Flowers

Fall bulbs are available in all the garden centers at this time of year. Of course, these bulbs must be planted now in order to bloom in the spring. Spring flowering bulbs must MORE »

Stockpiling Forages for Fall and Winter Pasture

Livestock producers can take advantage of late summer and early fall growing conditions to obtain high quality pasture for late fall and early winter grazing. This practice is called stockpiling. The best grasses MORE »


National Paper Clover Campaign

Morganton, NC – National 4-H Council has announced the launch of the fall 2014         4-H Paper Clover Campaign in partnership with Tractor Supply Company (TSC). This event marks the fifth year of collaboration MORE »