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Faculty and Staff

Name Title Email
Johnny E. Barnett Research Technician, MHCR&EC jebarnet@ncsu.edu
Margaret G. Bloomquist Research Assistant, Horticulture margaret_bloomquist@ncsu.edu
Donald R. Chambers Research Technician, MHCR&EC drchambe@ncsu.edu
Jeff H. Chandler Director, MHCR&EC jeff_chandler@ncsu.edu
Jim C. Cowden North-Central District Director, Cooperative Extension jim_cowden@ncsu.edu
Dr. Jeanine M. Davis Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Horticulture jeanine_davis@ncsu.edu
Janice L. Dotson West District Administrative Associate, Cooperative Extension janice_dotson@ncsu.edu
Thomas A. Eaker Agricultural Research Specialist, Horticulture tom_eaker@ncsu.edu
Jessica S. Edney Administrative Office Manager, MHCR&EC jessica_edney@ncsu.edu
Dr. Randolph G. Gardner Professor Emeritus and Tomato Breeder, Horticulture randy_gardner@ncsu.edu
Dr. Jeffrey M. Hinshaw Professor and Extension Specialist, Applied Ecology jeff_hinshaw@ncsu.edu
Chris D. Holmberg Agricultural Research Assistant, Horticulture chris_holmberg@ncsu.edu
R. Tom Hoyt Facility Maintenance Mechanic, MHCR&EC tom_hoyt@ncsu.edu
Sandra J. Kanupp North-Central District Administrative Associate, Cooperative Extension sandra_kanupp@ncsu.edu
Bryan A. Konsler Technology Support Specialist, MHCR&EC bryan_konsler@ncsu.edu
Dr. Anthony V. LeBude Associate Professor , Horticulture anthony_lebude@ncsu.edu
Ryan A. Loudy Research Technician, MHCR&EC raloudy@ncsu.edu
Nathan P. Lynch Agricultural Research Specialist, Horticulture nathan_lynch@ncsu.edu
Craig Mauney Vegetable and Fruits Area Specialized Agent, Extension craig_mauney@ncsu.edu
Inga M. Meadows Vegetable Extension Associate, Plant Pathology inga_meadows@ncsu.edu
Wayne E. Mitchem Extension Associate, Horticulture wayne_mitchem@ncsu.edu
Andra W. Nus Research Assistant, Horticulture andra_nus@ncsu.edu
J.D. Obermiller Agricultural Research Analyst, Horticulture jd_obermiller@ncsu.edu
Emily C. Ogburn Research Associate, Entomology emily_ogburn@ncsu.edu
Jeffrey H. Owen Area Extension Specialist, Christmas Tree Production, Forest Resources jeff_owen@ncsu.edu
Irene Palmer Research Specialist, Horticulture irene_palmer@ncsu.edu
Dr. Dilip R. Panthee Associate Professor, Horticulture dilip_panthee@ncsu.edu
Dr. Luping Qu Research Associate, Horticulture luping_qu@ncsu.edu
Ann E. Piotrowski Research Specialist, Horticulture ann_piotrowski@ncsu.edu
Dr. Thomas G. Ranney Professor, Horticulture tom_ranney@ncsu.edu
Adrienne K. Ratti Research Assistant, Applied Ecology adrienne_ratti@ncsu.edu
Stephen C. Schoof Agricultural Research Specialist, Entomology steve_schoof@ncsu.edu
Dr. Jill R. Sidebottom Area Extension Specialist, IPM & Mountain Conifers, Forestry Resources jill_sidebottom@ncsu.edu
Jeremy C. Smith Greenhouse Support Specialist, MHCR&EC jeremy_smith@ncsu.edu
Leonora K. Stefanile Research Assistant, Horticulture lkstefan@ncsu.edu
Dr. Darren H. Touchell Research Associate, Horticulture darren_touchell@ncsu.edu
Dr. Sara M. Villani Assistant Professor, Extension Plant Pathology sara_villani@ncsu.edu
Richard J. Vogt Agricultural Research Specialist, Applied Ecology rick_vogt@ncsu.edu
Andrew S. VonCanon FFA Program Coordinator, Ag And Extension Education asvoncan@ncsu.edu
Dr. James F. Walgenbach Professor and Extension Entomologist jim_walgenbach@ncsu.edu

What appears to be a space in the email addresses above is actually an underscore.
Example: first_last@ncsu.edu

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