Metria 2004

Increasing Tree Diversity for Sustainable Urban Forests


Program and Selected Papers

The work upon which this publication is based was funded in whole or in part through a grant awarded by the Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry, USDA Forest Service.

Ensuring a Continued Supply of Genetic Diversity

USDA and NAPCC: Securing Plant Genetic Resources for Future Use
Rick Lewandowski, Director, Mt. Cuba Center

Germplasm Acquisition by Private Industry; Problems, Possibilities, & Opportunities
Dr. Paul Talmadge, Pan American Seed

Novel Combinations from Segregating Generations: Pyrus and the LPDC
Dr. Rita Hummel, Washington State University

The Future of Exotic Plant Introduction
Craig Regelbrugge, American Nursery and Landscape Assoc.

Current Critical Challenges to Diversity

Emerald Ash Borer Update
Dr. Dave Smitley, Michigan State University

Bronze Birch Borer: a Scourge of White-barked Birches, or Not
Dr. Dan Herms, Ohio State University

Developing Non-Invasive Landscape Plants
Dr. Tom Ranney, North Carolina State University

Evalution of Biological Stress Tolerances

Evaluating Asian Longhorned Beetle Adult Preference and Larval Performance for Commonly Planted Landscape Trees
Dr. Jim Sellmer, Pennsylvania State University

Evaluation of Ulmus, Populus, Tilia, and Carpinus Taxa for Feeding Preference and Suitability for Feeding by the Gypsy Moth, Lymantria dispar
Dr. Frederic Miller, Joliet Junior College and Morton Arboretum

Ornamental Breeding of Betula and Viburnum at UW-Madison
Dr. Brent McCown, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Field Evaluations of Foliar Diseases on Crataegus and Aesculus
Dr. Karel Jacobs, Morton Arboretum

Prospects for Developing Root Rot Resistant Rhododendrons
Dr. Steve Krebs, The Holden Arboretum

Evaluation of Abiotic Stress Tolerances

Evaluation of Styrax japonica for Resistance to Spring Freeze Damage
Dr. Sandy Reed, U.S. Natinoal Arboretum

Cold Hardiness Evaluation of Cornus kousa Provenances
Anthony Aiello, The Morris Arboretum

Ecophysiology and Micropropagatin of Bigtooth Maples
Dr. Rolston St. Hilaire, New Mexico State University

Evaluation of Hardy Shrub Roses for the Upper Midwest
Dr. Laura Jull, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Socioeconomic Drivers of Urban Vegetation Composition
Dr. Chirs Martin, Arizona State University East

NC7 Plant Trials 50th Anniversary Commemoration

Historical Overview of the NC7 Trials
Dr. Harold Pellett, Landscape Plant Development Center

Insights into Woody Plant Adaptation and Practical Applications
Dr. Mark Widrlechner, USDA-ARS, North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station

Role of Plant Exploration in Identifying New Plants for Evaluation
Dr. Bob Schutzki, Michigan State University

Green Industry Interactions
Dr. Jim Klett, Colorado State University

Future Developments: Information Technology, Data Collection, and Getting the Word Out
Dr. Jason Griffin, Kansas State University

Keeping the Pipeline Flowing - Distribution to End User

Rising From the Ashes: Plant Selection Post-EAB
Dr. Bert Cregg, Michigan State University

From Discovery to Market
Angela Treadwell-Palmer, Chicagoland Grows, Inc.

Collective Bargaining for Increased Diversity at Recduced Cost
Kerstin von der Heide, Suberban Tree Consortium

Start to Finish Standards for Quality
Jim Hermann, Minnesota Shade Tree Advisory Council


Effects of Light Acclimation on the Redox State of the PS II Electron Acceptor in Quercus alba L. Seedlings
William L. Bauerlea, Department of Horticulture and G. Geoff Wangb, Department of Forest and Natural Resources, Clemson University

Chitalpa: The Next Generation
Richard T. Olsen and Thomas G. Ranney, NC State University

FirefallTM Freeman Maple
Steve McNamara, Kathy Zuzek, Nancy Rose, Harold Pellett, and Stan C. Hokanson University of Minnesota Department of Horticultural Science, St. Paul, MN

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