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METRIA 11: Program and Selected Papers

Gresham, Oregon
August 23-24, 2000

Flowering Sequence and Duration of Cultivated Pieris. Sven Svenson and Hannah Mathers. Oregon State University

Carbon Isotope Discrimination as a Tool to Screen for Improved Drought Tolerance. Bert Cregg and Jianwei Zhang. Michigan State University

The Search for Alternatives to Disease-Prone Pines in Coastal Landscapes. Brian K. Maynard. University of Rhode Island

The New Disease Resistant Elm Cultivars: Their Production and Attributes. Keith Warren. J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

Polyploidy: From Evolution to Landscape Plant Improvement. Thomas G. Ranney. North Carolina State University.

Controlled Screening of Flowering Pears and Crabapples for Resistance to Fire Blight. Andrew C. Bell, Thomas G. Ranney, Thomas A. Eaker, and Turner B. Sutton. North Carolina State University.

Using RAPD Markers to Clarify Thuja Cultivar Identities. Susan J. Wiegrefe. The Morton Arboretum

Palm Root Regeneration and Its Significance in Transplanting. Dennis Pittenger, A. James Downer, and Donald Hodel. University of California Cooperative Extension.

Update on the Landscape Plant Development Center Pyrus Breeding Project: Promising Selections. Rita Hummel. Washington State University.

Determining the Host Range Preferences of Asian Longhorned Beetle on Commonly Planted & Recommended Urban Trees. James C. Sellmer, Silvia Montero, Scott Ludwig, and Kelli Hoover. Pennsylvania State University.

Variation in Leaves and Roots of Sugar Maple and its Allies: A Key to Improve Performance of Trees in the Landscape? William R. Graves, Iowa State University.

An Overview of Environmental Stress Research Activities at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Steve McNamara, University of Minnesota Horticultural Research Center.

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