METRIA 7: Trees for the Nineties:
Landscape Tree Selection, Testing, Evaluation, and Introduction

Proceedings of the Seventh Conference of the Metropolitan Tree Improvement Alliance

The Morton Arboretum
Lisle, Illinois

June 11-12, 1990

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The seventh METRIA Conference was held June 11- 12, 1990 at the Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Illinois. The conference theme and title: Trees for the Nineties: Landscape Tree Selection, Testing, Evaluation, and Introduction. The twelve speakers covered all of the aspects noted in the program title. A special portion of the program dealt with tree testing projects in the Midwest, including speakers from Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois. This emphasis on the Midwest was part of the rationale for having a METRIA conference “so far west”.

The meeting was memorable for two unexpected “ephemeral” events. The field walks were greeted by swarms of seventeen-year cicadas at the peak of their emergence, stirred up by unusually strong breezes. Later in the day, Frank Santamour’s talk was interrupted by a power failure. A portable generator enabled the next speaker, Keith Warren, to proceed with his slide presentation until power was restored. Quick action in summoning help by the power company’s chief utility arborist (attending the conference) brought restoration of power. The problem: a tree limb broken by the persistent winds, had fallen on a line near the Conference

Sponsorship was shared by the Illinois Arborist Association and the Morton Arboretum’s Urban Vegetation Laboratory. Major effort was shared by Tom Perry, Executive Director of METRIA, and Gary Watson, Morton Arboretum, who was in charge of assembling and printing the program and for arrangements for food and facilities. George Ware and Thomas Green assisted.

METRIA officers thank all of the speakers for a timely, interesting, and successful program.


The officers and members of METRIA gratefully acknowledge the support of the U.S. Forest Service, Northeastern area, for providing the funds for publishing these proceedings. The METRIA conference could not have been a success without the financial support of the Morton Arboretum and the efforts of many staff members. Jan Watson generously donated time to prepare the camera-ready copy of these proceedings.


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