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Burke County 4-H Foundation

Burke County 4-H Foundation

basic tenets on which 4-H was founded produces the general backdrop for
helping approximately 4,000 youth and adults we work with reach their
fullest potential.  Burke County 4-H focuses on life skills taught
by volunteers through a broad spectrum of subject matters.  Life
skills are defined as abilities, knowledge, attitudes and behavior that
must be learned for success and happiness.  Life skills enable
people to adapt to and manage their life situations.  They give
individuals a frame of reference for perceiving and responding to life
situations and enabling them to achieve an inner satisfaction and
happiness.  Some skills are more important than others at
different ages, however, major emphasis throughout 4-H is to help youth
participating in the 4-H program to develop competencies that will
allow them to become both independent and interdependent human
beings.  Participants should be mature, self-reliant and
functioning social creatures. 

Youth in Burke county need
opportunities that will help them grow into responsible citizens. 
Family, schools and community all play a role in providing those
opportunities.  While a great deal of attention is often focused
on issues and programs for "high risk youth", most of our youth do not
fall under that classification, yet they face many challenges as they
strive to develop into caring, competent adults.  The Burke County
4-H Program is one of the community based programs that can provide
learning experiences which positively impact the lives of children.

Burke County 4-H Foundation works to meet the goals of 4-H programming
through a variety of strategies including retreats, conferences,
trainings, and workshops.  Burke County 4-H believes that youth
and adults "learn by doing" and this is the avenue in which all goals
of the program are addressed.  Community Clubs and special
interest through summer fun programming is the focus for continued
growth in the Burke county 4-H Program.   

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