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Volunteer Opportunities in Burke County

Burke County Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are a major driving force behind many programs offered by the cooperative extension service in Burke county. Their outreach efforts spread extension educational programs far beyond what staff could accomplish alone. Annually, more than 1,250 volunteers contribute over 20,000 hours to our program.

Burke County Extension Advisory Council

Advisory leaders are a key component of our volunteer force. They are the way we make sure our educational programs are viable and that they address the most important educational needs of the county. In Burke county, we rely on county advisors to tell us the needs and issues that our programs should address. Each cooperative extension staff member works with an advisory committee to help plan, implement, and evaluate programs.  Click here to visit our Burke County Extension Advisory website.

For more information about Extension Advisory contact Spring Williams-Byrd, County Extension Director.

Burke County 4-H

We welcome you to join the over 400 men and women who volunteer with Burke County 4-H each year. It is these volunteers who allow us to make a “REAL DIFFERENCE” for local youth — giving them something positive and meaningful to do!

For more information about 4-H contact John Davis, Extension Agent, 4-H.

Extension & Community Association

For more information about Extension & Community Association contact Eleanor Summers , Extension Agent, Family & Consumer Sciences


REINS (Regional Equine Information Network System) REINS Region One serves horse associations, clubs, and individual horse owners in Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, Cleveland, Gaston, Iredell, and Lincoln Counties. We provide a variety of educational programs, field days, and events at a minimum or no cost to the participants. The subject matter focuses on basic horse safety and management practices that are applicable to all equines and are not breed or discipline specific. For more information about REINS contact Jeff Carpenter , Extension Agent, Agricultural.

Burke County Beekeepers

There are two classes of people with bees – beehavers and beekeepers. A beehaver gives his bees a home, a log “gum”, a box hive, or poor quality standard equipment. He only bothers with bees to take a small quantity of honey from them in the spring or summer. Beekeepers use good equipment, give the bees proper attention and care, process their honey in the best way, and are constantly learning more about beekeeping. There’s a large amount of beekeeping information available to aid a beekeeper today. Beekeepers in our county are not single-minded in their methods of beekeeping. There is no one method or principle that can be called perfect. What can be a success for one beekeeper, can be a failure for another. Burke County beekeepers share ideas and methods to become better beekeepers. They meet every 2nd Tuesday.

For more information contact Donna Teasley, Extension Agent, Horticultural .

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