Fall Is the Time to Feed the Lawn

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As the growing season winds down, the lawn can use a couple of last applications of fertilizer to insure good overwinter success. Around Labor Day an application of slow release lawn food or winterizer is advisable. This encourages turfgrass to put down deep roots that will give better cold hardiness to the lawn. Fertilizer rates on the label should be closely followed.

Another application of 10-10-10 or 17-17-17 should be applied around Thanksgiving. This is a quick release fertilizer rather than a slow release fertilizer. A quick acting fertilizer will give the lawn one last feeding before it goes dormant for the winter. This fertilizer application will supply plant needs until spring growth starts.

As leaves start to drop from the trees, it is important to keep them raked off of the lawn. Fall leaves get wet and heavy and can ruin a good stand of turfgrass. Rake often to keep the leaves from building up on the lawn.

Good lawn maintenance is the key to a healthy lawn next spring. What you do now will make a huge difference in the spring.