Garden Pest Alert – Squash Vine Borer

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Attention all squash, pumpkin, cucumber and melon growers! It’s time for the second generation of squash vine borer to appear in gardens. Sprays of either pyrethrin or liquid Sevin (carbaryl) should be applied to base of these plants during the last week in July and the first week in August. Apply every few days. Squash Vine Borer adults will be laying eggs at the base of the vine during this time. Eggs hatch and the larvae bore into vines, destroying the plant in a few days. Take action soon.

Adult squash vine borer

Adult Squash Vine Borer

squash vine borer larva in stem of plant

Squash Vine Borer Larva

damage caused by squash vine borer

Squash Vine Borer Damage