Weed Control in the Lawn and Garden

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Whether it’s the lawn, flower bed or vegetable garden rain along with warm soil are the perfect conditions for fast weed growth. Young weeds are much easier to control no matter which method you choose.

Pulling weeds is never a bad idea when weeds are small and roots are young. New weeds usually come up quickly and just after a rain the ground is softer and easily worked, but when there are a lot of weeds, pulling can get tedious and ineffective.

The use of herbicides can be a good choice, but even then, better control is achieved when applications are made to young weeds. Plants are growing the fastest when they are young and full of energy. This is when they are the most sensitive to herbicides. Getting rid of weeds before they disperse seeds is also a great way to prevent additional weeds!

There are many different herbicides and formulations- granulars, liquid concentrates, ready-to-use, selective and non-selective formulations. Deciding which one is the best for you will depend on where the herbicide is to be applied. Obviously, not all herbicides can be used in the vegetable garden and when using in the landscape, care must be taken to prevent damage to ornamental plants.

The pesticide label contains all of this information along with personal protection requirements and precautions. The label should always be read before using any pesticide. If you need help in deciding which herbicide is the best choice for your garden, give our office a call at 828-764-9480 and an agent will be happy to assist you.