Grow Your Own Food Project

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Thanks to the generosity of Banner Greenhouses, N.C. Cooperative Extension, Burke County Center was able to provide tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce transplants, to more than 238 families. Banner Greenhouses grew the plants from seeds and donated the transplants to N.C. Cooperative Extension, Burke County Center to distribute to citizens throughout the county.

These plants were provided as a way to combat food insecurities that may occur during the Coronavirus pandemic. Many families were quarantined at home and/or lost their jobs. N.C. Cooperative Extension, Burke County Center wanted to encourage families to learn to garden and be able to grow their own food, during these times of uncertainty.

One family sent the following message after pickup. “I want to thank you and the Cooperative Extension for the plants! We have four children and they enjoyed planting and tending to them already in our garden. What a wonderful activity, experience, and responsibility it is teaching them. Additionally, we’ve enjoyed the connectedness it has brought to our family. Many thanks again.”

Families received multiple plants, planting information, educational materials on gardening and nutrition, and a family cooking magazine, ChopChop, provided by Steps to Health.

Spring Williams-Byrd and program participant with plants volunteers helping to sort and label plants Chop Chop magazines and program flyers