Herd Health Programs for Livestock Producers

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A well-rounded, efficient herd health program is an important and valuable management tool for all livestock producers.

Proper vaccinations for economically important livestock diseases insures producers that their herds or flocks have a high degree of protection from both outbreaks of diseases and chronic low-level infections. There are various programs producers can implement; however, consulting your local veterinarian is a good place to start as they can recommend a program that is comprehensive in your particular situation and help you to put together an adequate program.

Economically, vaccinating your herd can protect you from disease outbreaks and yield protection from various reproductive and respiratory diseases. The loss of one animal can shrink profits greatly. Studies indicate that a cow/calf producer losing one calf would have to sell 4.7 calves to recover the loss.

One infected animal can spread disease among unvaccinated animals rapidly. Producers should always isolate outside animals, for a time, until they have been vaccinated and determined to be free of disease.

By implementing a herd health program, using proper vaccines and administration, livestock producers can insure that their operations remain healthy, productive and profitable.