Treat Lawn for Weeds in January & February

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It’s winter, right? No gardening chores to do at this time of year, right? WRONG! Only amateurs would think that there is nothing to do in the garden just because nothing is growing. There’s tons to do if you want this to be the best gardening year of your life. Timing is the secret to success for the gardener and there are some pretty important things that should be in the works right now to insure that your lawn and garden are top notch.

One of the most important tasks for the winter is weed control. There are some important weeds growing in the lawn at this time of year. They are winter annual weeds and if you don’t get control of them now, you never will. Weeds like chickweed, henbit and hairy bittercress are up and growing quickly in the lawn. They’ll be blooming within the next month and action needs to take place before that happens. Once winter annuals flower, they produce seeds which lay on the ground until next winter when they start their cycle over again. The only time to control winter annuals is before they bloom.

Broadleaf weed control is effective when used during January and February. Products such as Weed b Gon and Trimec kill only the weeds and not the grass in your lawn. As long as the daytime temps are above 55 degrees, spraying can be done. Use liquids rather than granular weed and feed products for better success. Try to apply when no rain is expected within 24 hours.

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