Pest Watch – Spotted Lanternfly

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Spotted lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula (White), is an invasive planthopper that was first detected in the United States in Berks County, Pennsylvania, in 2014. The pest is native to northern China and was introduced to Korea in 2004 where it has become a major pest. This pest is not known to occur in North Carolina but early detection is critical for protecting North Carolina businesses and agriculture.

photo spotted lanternfly

This insect is a known pest of grapes, stone fruits, apples, maples, oaks, willows (Salix sp.), and tree of heaven (TOH; Ailanthus altissima). The known host list contains over 70 species of plant. TOH appears to be the preferred host for late-stage instars and adults.

For more information on this and other pests, visit the N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services Plant Industry Division – Plant Protection Section.

Spotted Lanternfly Pest Watch