Time to Plant

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Many folks have given up on their gardens by this time, but there’s an opportunity for some fall crops and now is the time to plant. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, greens of all kinds, lettuce, and brussel sprouts can all be planted now for a late season harvest.

There are a few things to remember about fall planting, however. Water is more of an issue because of hot temperatures and it is important not to allow young plants to stress from lack of moisture. They will grow rapidly with the end of summer heat. Nights will cool some and this is also helpful in their quick turnaround time.

A sharp lookout should be kept for insects for they can also be a bit problematic in fall crops. Worms are the main culprits and can be easily controlled with some carbaryl (Sevin) or Spinosad. These products are readily available in area garden centers.

Fertilizer is also important because fall crops need to grow quickly in order to beat cold weather, although most can stand some frost. Don’t over-fertilize but follow the label directions on whatever product you are using.

Give fall gardening a try. It’s a relatively short season and the rewards are worth a little sweat in the beginning. With our mild fall weather here in western NC, many of the leafy crops can bear until Thanksgiving and that is something the be grateful for!

Image of a cabbage