2018 Drexel Community Fair

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As we approach deep summer, the Drexel Community Fair is looming on the horizon. It’s time for gardeners of all ages to target some prime blooms and produce to enter in the exhibit hall this season. Whether your forte is flowers, fruits or vegetables, there will be a spot waiting for your prize selections at the fair this year.

Entries should be brought to the Drexel fairgrounds on Sunday, August 5, between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Be sure and stop in at the main exhibit hall for an entry number before proceeding to the flower and vegetable area. A great display of colorful, flowers and vegetables is a great addition to the fair and fairgoers enjoy viewing the fruits of your labors as they tour the exhibit hall.

Judging will take place on Monday, August 6, and ribbons and premiums will be awarded to the best of the best. Please consider participating in this great American tradition. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to show off the “fruits of our labors”. Of course, there are many other opportunities to display items in the exhibit hall, such as baked goods, canning, arts and crafts and sewing.

You won’t want to miss the youth livestock show on Tuesday evening or the Veggie Varmint contest for both youth and adults on Thursday evening. Come and take advantage of an evening’s entertainment at the Drexel Community Fair!

If you need more information about the fair you can give us a call at 828-764-9480.