Med Instead of Meds – Super Tomato Soup

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January is National Soup Month, and what better meal to warm your belly on a cold winter’s night? Whether you’re partial to broth or bisque, a hearty bowl of soup is one of the ultimate comfort foods. To get your soup fix try this recipe for Super Tomato Soup from NC State Extension’s brand new Med Instead of Meds program. This program is built around 7 simple steps to adopting the Mediterranean-style eating pattern which incorporates the basics of healthy eating that are traditionally practiced in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. Eating the Mediterranean way is not only healthy, it is delicious and satisfying. Foods that you once thought of as too high in fat or unhealthy, including nuts, olive oil, olives, and whole grains, become an everyday part of your diet. Be on the lookout for this program in the New Year! Until then, enjoy this Med-approved soup recipe!