2018 Small Fruit Plant Sale

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N.C. Cooperative Extension’s Small Fruit Plant Sale starts January 2nd and continues through the months of January and February. We offer varieties that are well suited to Burke County growing conditions, giving gardeners an opportunity to purchase plants that will grow and produce in our specific climate.

This year’s small fruit selections include 2 varieties of strawberries, 3 varieties of blueberries, 2 varieties of blackberries, and a raspberry, muscadine and seedless grape.

The fruit trees offered for 2018 are apples, peaches, figs and pears. We are also offering pink, white and red flowering dogwood trees and asparagus crowns.

New for 2018 are the Titan Blueberry and Southern Flame Patio Peach tree.

For more information on our Small Fruit Plant Sale, click here.