Fall Lawn Weed Workshop

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With the abundant rainfall this summer weeds have flourished in our lawns and flower beds. But as summer weeds die down with the the coming of fall, we have a whole new set of weeds to contend with. Winter annual weeds such as chickweed and henbit are beginning to germinate now. They aren’t noticeable at this time because they are small, but by the time spring gets here they will be very noticeable and very conspicuous in the lawn.

Winter annuals germinate from seeds in the fall and grow throughout the winter. They begin to flower in early spring and disperse seeds. With the onset of hot weather these winter annuals die out but their seeds lie on the ground until fall. By the time you notice the problem in the spring, seeds have already been dispersed and control is unsuccessful.

If you would like to get next spring’s weeds under control now, you need to plan on attending the fall lawn weed workshop on Thursday, October 5 at 6:00 at the Burke County Agricultural Building located at 130 Ammons Drive in Morganton. We will identify problem weeds and discuss controls and the timing for the best control. When done properly, weeds can be successfully banished from your lawn with just a little effort.

The workshop is free but registration for the class is appreciated. For more information or to register you can call our office at 828-764-9480.