Summer Weed Control

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With the frequent rain and hot weather, weeds have had a banner year! Whether they are growing in our lawns or vegetable and flower gardens, they’ve done well this year. But, gardeners need to remember a few things about the use of weed killers in the summer:

  1. Never apply in vegetable gardens unless the product is listed for use in the vegetable garden.
  2. Never apply just before rain because it can get washed off before it has a chance to work.
  3. Look at the temperature restrictions before spaying herbicides. Some weed killers such as Round Up don’t work well when temps are high. It is listed on the label.
  4. Some products having planting restrictions which means you have to wait a certain number of days before planting where herbicides have been applied.
  5. Make sure the herbicide is labeled for the weed you are wanting to kill.

Following these simple rules will make weed control safe and successful this summer