Control Grubs Now to Prevent Next Year’s Beetles!

Posted On June 21, 2017— Written By and last updated by

Japanese beetles are out and they are eating everything you love- roses, cannas, green beans, hibiscus, etc. They are also laying eggs in the lawn now and it is time to treat the lawn with a preventive product. The eggs will lie in the ground until mid- August when they will hatch into grubs, either Japanese beetle grubs or June beetle grubs.

It is extremely important to choose the correct products to apply at this time of year. These products are going to prevent the newly laid eggs from hatching. They must be applied before the eggs hatch! These products contain either Imidacloprid (Bayer Advanced Season Long Grub Control) or Chlorantraniliprole (GrubX). If you use products containing other chemicals it won’t work. These particular chemicals prevent the eggs from hatching. You do have a time frame for applying these products. Apply in early July but before August 15.

Please remember that the products in this article only prevent eggs from hatching. They do not kill hatched grubs. Be sure and follow the label directions for best control. There are products that will kill hatched grubs but these are applied in the fall. Another article will be printed at the correct time.