Burke County Cooperative Extension Impacts for 2016

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Burke County Cooperative Extension recently held it’s annual “Report to the People,” sharing impacts and outcomes from 2016.

As a part of the report, we shared where Burke County stands regarding our Agriculture Profile in North Carolina. There are more than 34,000 acres of farms in the county, with an average farm size of 71 acres.

We also shared that Burke County Cooperative Extension staff have offered more than 175 workshops and programs throughout the 2016 year to Burke County citizens and surrounding counties. They have been able to provide information, support and research to more than 131,000 people through a variety of venues.

The economic impact that Burke County Cooperative Extension has had this year has also been impressive. Through the many program opportunities, the staff have been able to save the county approx. $384, 000 due to utilizing volunteers in programs. As a result of the programs, workshops and trainings offered there has been an economic impact of $5 million in cost savings and benefits to the participants and clients of Burke County Cooperative Extension. For every $1 the county invests in Cooperative Extension, we generate over $9 of economic impact as a return on your investment!