All Grub Killers Are Not the Same!

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It is time to kill grubs in the lawn now but beware of the products available. There are many products labeled for grub control but they work differently at specific times of the year. Right now grubs are hatching just under the surface of the lawn and they will stay there until cooling temperatures force them deeper in to the soil.

Earlier in the summer, Japanese beetles and June bugs laid their eggs in the soil and they started hatching around August 15. During June and July a preventive chemical could be applied to keep the eggs from hatching. But that time is gone now! The grubs have hatched and applying one of the preventive insecticides is a waste of time and money.

Now we must apply a curative insecticide to kill the newly hatched grubs. These products contain Dylox or Trichlorfon. This product can be found in most garden centers but the label must be read to insure that the proper product is being purchased. Look at the active ingredient listed just below the brand name. Do not buy a product just because it has a photo of a grub on the container or just because it says that it kills grubs. The statement may be true but the application time may not be the correct one for you. Dylox and Bayer Advanced 24 Hour Grub Control are the products I see most frequently and they will get rid of your grubs if you apply now through October 31.

Applying the wrong product at the wrong time is expensive and a waste of labor. Read the label and purchase the right product. If you have questions about the products you find, you can call the Extension office at 828-764-9480 for more information.