The Approach of Spring

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Spring is on its way, I’m sure of it! We’re not there quite yet but each day brings us closer. Lawns are starting to take on a tinge of green and folks just can’t wait to go outside and do something. Yard work, especially those chores pertaining to the lawn can be rewarding, it can be overwhelming and it can be worthless, depending on what the gardener chooses to do and when he chooses to do it. As with many things in life, having a great lawn is all about the timing. A gardener can do all the right things at the wrong time and he ends up doing nothing to benefit the lawn-sometimes he ends up worse than when started.

If you would like to start this growing season on the right track, the upcoming lawn workshop which is being held at Morganton Hardware is sure to be a good place to start. This free workshop starts at 10:00 on Saturday, March 12 and covers a multitude of topics including fertilization, seeding, weed control, insect and disease issues as well as other topics that are geared to help the Burke County gardener have a beautiful lawn this year.

We hope you’ll come and learn how to manage your lawn for 2016 rather than having your lawn manage you. Think about how good it would feel to be on top of lawn issues instead of trying to play catch-up all summer. If you would like more information you can give the Extension office a call at 828-764-9480.