Equine Knowledge = Horse Sense

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On Saturday February 13, 2016, Burke County 4-H traveled to the Mills River Research Center to compete in the 4-H West District Horse bowl competition. Burke County was proudly represented by 4 teams this year. Our team members are: Pate Pollard, Alex Sinden, Burke Pollard, Caroline Sinden, Sidney Mull, Avery Pollard, Taylor Bryant, Bailey Bryant, Gracie Buchanan, Jessica Henson, Rachel Wood, Cameron King, Katie Callahan, Courtney Clark, Sarah Phipps, Abby Wood, Clara Lane, Annabeth Gould, and Chloe King.

Starting in the fall, youth gather in small groups of 4 or 5 and begin studying categories and quizzing each other on a topic close to their heart: horses! They dig deep into the subjects of Anatomy, breeds and breed organizations, diseases and unsoundness, genetics, history and evolution, nutrition, showing, show procedures, physiology and reproduction, psychology, training and vices, parasites, tack and equipment, trivia, judging and conformation. The contestants have so many seconds to answer (pending type of question) and points are calculated.

One of our Burke County 4-H’ers, Rachel Wood, received High Point over all. All the youth that day did a great job!

At the State 4-H Horse Bowl in Raleigh on Saturday March 5, Burke County 4-H will proudly have a team competing in each age division: Junior, Mixed and Senior from the West District.

Burke County Horsebowl 2016