Connect NC – Public Improvement Bond

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March 15 is the date for North Carolina’s Presidential Primary this year. Along with the long list of presidential candidates, there are other state and local races as well. In addition, this year there will also be a bond referendum on North Carolina ballots. Go to the polls as an informed voter by educating yourself ahead of time. General election information for Burke County voters, including how to register to vote can be found on the Burke County Board of Elections website. Deadline to register to vote is Feb. 19th with early voting to begin on March 3, 2016.

As mentioned, on the ballot in March will be the “Connect NC Public Improvement Bond”. This is a $2 billion bond package that will support numerous capital projects throughout the state of North Carolina. Highlights of the Connect NC bond package include direct investments in 76 North Carolina counties. Projects funded will include investments in North Carolina’s universities and community colleges (66%); NC agriculture (9%); state parks and zoo (5%); public safety and National Guard (4%); and water and sewer infrastructure projects (16%). Because of North Carolina’s current revenue growth and debt rating, no tax increases are proposed to fund this bond. Many of you are probably wondering what kind of impact will this REALLY have on Burke County. If the bond passes, Burke County will receive more than $91 Million, to assist with improvements at Lake James and South Mountain State Parks, National Guard Readiness center, Western Piedmont Community College, and building a Western NC School of Science and Math.

Regardless of how you vote, educate yourself and vote in the March 15, 2016 primary! For more information or resources related to the Connect NC bond, contact the Burke Center of N.C. Cooperative Extension at 828-764-9480 or email


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