Guard Against Squash Vine Borers Now

Posted On July 1, 2015— Written By and last updated by

The second generation of adult squash vine borers are now active, and are searching for squash plants to attack. These wasp-like insects lay eggs in the soil close to squash plants. The eggs hatch and a cream colored worm crawls on to the stem of your squash plant. It bores into the stems at ground level and eats its way up the stem, destroying plant tissue as it goes. Vines quickly wilt and the plant dies.

At this point, insecticides are useless. Insecticides must be sprayed now and for the next couple of weeks to insure that your plants are protected. Insecticides containing carbaryl, permethrin or bifenthrin should be sprayed at seven-day intervals where the stems come out of the ground.

The first generation of squash vine borers was active during the last week of May and the first two weeks of June. Mark your calendars and be on the lookout for this destructive pest!

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