A New Crop of Extension Master Gardeners

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You can always tell when the new growing season starts because that’s when our new crop of Extension Master Gardeners graduate and start using their newly acquired gardening knowledge.

Extension Master Gardeners is a volunteer organization that helps the North Carolina Cooperative Extension with its programs and projects here in Burke County throughout the year. After completing a 40-hour course in gardening these volunteers agree to give 40 hours of their time in the coming year to help make Burke County gardens better. Through many different projects, these civic-minded gardeners assist the Burke County Extension Agent, Donna Teasley with all things growing, from the Community Garden to the County Fair

There were 20 graduates this year, bringing a countywide total of 190 trained Extension Master Gardeners in Burke County. If you would like to become a Master Gardener, please contact our office at 439-4460.

MG Class 2015