Learn to Delay Complications of Diabetes

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Did you know that the number one complication of diabetes over time is heart disease? Other complications of diabetes may include nerve damage or neuropathy, liver and kidney damage, vision problems, infections, gum disease, skin and foot problems.

All of these complications are caused by high blood sugar over time. Unfortunately once there is damage we may not be able to correct it. However, we can always delay or prevent further damage with day-to-day maintenance of a normal blood sugar. You can learn specific strategies to help yourself.

In Extension’s Diabetes Self-Management Workshop—Living Healthy with Diabetes, we help you learn ways to better manage diabetes and to prevent or delay the complications caused by high blood sugar. A former program participate said that she learned the importance of watching food labels, portion size and counting carbohydrates eaten at each meal and the importance of taking charge of her own health risk. Co-leaders trained to deliver Living Healthy with Diabetes, an evidence-based curriculum from Stanford University, are 
Extension Agent Eleanor Summers and Aging Specialist, Tina Miller.

The free six-week Diabetes Self Management program—Living Healthy with Diabetes begins Tuesday, July 8 at Burke Agricultural Building. Each weekly session meets from 9:30 a.m. until 12:00 Noon. Call 828-439-4460 to pre-register or get further information.