Time for Garden Pest Warfare

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Seeds are up, the tomatoes are getting taller and the squash and cucumbers are starting to run-now what? For the vegetable gardener, the easy part is done. It’s time for the most difficult phase of vegetable gardening…keeping everything alive long enough to harvest a crop!

Sure, weeds are a problem and water, whether too much or too little, is always an issue, but just as your garden starts to look good, the insects and diseases discover all of the nice lush, green plants just waiting to be chewed on, pierced or bored into. This is where a gardener’s skill is put to the test.
There are a multitude of pests that attack Burke County gardens and knowing the life cycles and habits of these insects and diseases is a must for maintaining control in the garden. Sometimes, but not all the time, pesticides are needed, and for the pesticide-shy gardener there are alternatives available.

If you find yourself lacking the skills to protect your vegetable garden from enemy invaders, you are in luck. Emergency training in garden pest warfare will take place on Saturday, May 31 at Morganton Ace Hardware at 10:00 and again at noon at Belle Farms on Kathy Road (exit 96). We’ll talk about pesticides and their application as well as other methods of pest management. This workshop is free and a must for any serious vegetable gardener. Come out and arm yourself with the tools and knowledge necessary to protect those precious crops that you’ve worked so hard to grow.

If you would like more information about these workshops you can call our office at 439-4460