Container Gardening a Convenient Solution

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Spring is really upon us now and gardeners can finally start thinking about summer flowers. It seems as each growing season presents issues and as we work our way through the periods of heat, drought and insect infestations, we tend to think: there must be a better way. It’s all a part of gardening-that challenge to beat Mother Nature and the need to triumph in the end. It all sounds rather dramatic doesn’t it?

But there’s always a solution if you’re willing to look for it. For many gardeners, container gardening might be the trick. Weed control is much simpler and containers are easier to water and usually can be located close to a convenient water source. With the unlimited styles and sizes of pots that are available today, the sky is the limit. Containers aren’t just for flowers, however. Many vegetables can be grown successfully in containers. Just imagine no weeds and very little maintenance. As we get busier and our backs get older low maintenance is a plus.

But it is still important to plant the proper plants and give the correct care to container gardens. Not every plant is compatible with container life. When choosing container plants thought must be given ahead of time regarding light and water needs. Size is a factor too. Plants that grow to a massive size won’t thrive in containers and those that are only marginally hardy for our area probably won’t survive either. When growing shrubs in containers, size and hardiness are particularly important.

If you would like to learn more about growing plants in containers, be sure to check out the container gardening workshop on Saturday, April 26 at Morganton Hardware. The workshop is free and begins at 10:00. It’s a great way to simplify your garden this year.