The Latest & Greatest Plants for 2014

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It’s officially spring but I’m not so sure that we’re done with cold weather. But, we can start thinking about our gardens and landscapes and making some plans.

We all like to plant something new and exciting when we get infected with the planting bug. But, what should we plant? There are so many different plants to choose from and in the catalogs they all sound great! If you would like to be better informed so that you can make wiser choices for your own gardens and landscapes, you’ll enjoy this upcoming workshop: The Latest and Greatest Landscape Plants for 2014.

Come and join us on Thursday, March 27 at the Extension office as we spend an evening looking at the new plant selections for this year. We’ll talk about trees, shrubs, vines and maybe even a few new annuals and perennials. We’ll discover why they made the grade as 2014’s rising stars.

The workshop runs from 6:00 until 8:00 and is free to the public. We would appreciate a call letting us know you plant to attend. Give us a call at 439-4460 to register and we’ll see you March 27. Happy planting!!