Pink Lemonade, Not Just a Summer Drink

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Webster’s Dictionary sites the definition of an oxymoron as contradictory words that appear side by side. A perfect example of this is the Pink Lemonade blueberry (Vaccinium ‘Pink Lemonade’) that is popping up in catalogs and plant lists this spring. A true rabbiteye blueberry, Pink Lemonade has bright pink berries that ripen late in the season (late July into August) on compact plants that grow to a height of no more than 5 feet. Its size can be easily controlled by the homeowner, which is a definite plus for use in the landscape. It is said to have a light, fruity flavor that is sweet and tasty.

Developed in the 1970s, Pink Lemonade was not well received by commercial growers at that time because of the unorthodox berry color. But, with today’s trend towards edible landscapes, Pink Lemonade has another chance to become a popular dual-use addition to the garden. It makes an attractive shrub for the landscape with colorful orangey-red fall foliage and brightly hued stems throughout the winter.

Although self-pollinating, Pink Lemonade berry production will benefit from being planted with other blueberries. Here in Burke County, the rabbiteye-type blueberry is well suited and other good cultivars include Tifblue, Premier and Climax. If you would like to plant a Pink Lemonade blueberry this year, we have them available during our Small Plant Sale that is in progress now. To place an order you can give the Extension office a call at 439-4460 or go to our website at for a printable order form.