4-H Hosts Hands2Service Day

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One focus of the North Carolina 4-H Program is to introduce and encourage youth towards community service opportunities. This June, Burke County Cooperative Extension and the 4-H Program offered 4-H Hands2Service Day as part of 4-H Summer Fun. The purpose of 4-H Hands2Service Day was to give ten junior 4-Hers the chance to work together on two community service projects. First, the 4-Hers discussed what qualities were needed to be a good citizen and volunteer. The 4-H youth then wore character words like helpful, caring, and hardworking as nametags for the day.

Our first community service project was a visit to Burke United Christian Ministries, where the 4-Hers helped prepare over 200 meals to be used that evening. They also helped sort produce and other donations, organize the storage coolers and clean the storage areas. While there youth had the chance to talk with other volunteers about how they chose to help their community.

Our second community service project of the day was to build picnic tables painted with 4-H designs to place in the community for public use. One table was placed at the Burke County Agricultural Building. The other was given to the Drexel Community Fairgrounds to be used by those visiting the fair.

“I love to help others because one day I might need help too,” explained Burke County 4-Her, Jade Fluharty.

“4-H Hands2Service let’s us have fun, work together, and make a difference.”

Following our summer Hands2Service projects, these 4-Hers and others will be planning and leading several 4-H community service projects this fall and holiday season.

If you would like to learn more about the 4-H program or community service projects, please contact John Davis with Burke County Cooperative Extension at 828-439-4460 or by email at john_davis@ncsu.edu.