E-Conservation, Power to Control What You Spend

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Making choices that save energy — in your home, business or community — can have a positive impact on the environment while also saving you money. Reducing energy consumption through no/low cost energy efficiency measures, behaviors and home retrofits can provide immediate savings.

E-Conservation Home Energy has initiated three social networking communities to help increase visibility and accessibility to the E-Conservation Residential Energy Education program and Home Energy eXtension programs and resources designed to help consumers make informed energy efficiency and conservation decisions for their home.

Here are some tips from an eXtension article on Phantom/Standby Energy Use by Home Electronics and Appliances found on E-Conservation’s Facebook page:

Small Appliances and Electronics
– Disconnect unnecessary or unused equipment.
– Completely power down or shut off electronics (e.g. computers, TVs, printers, etc.) when not in use. Use a power strip to completely shut off the power supply to electronic equipment. Ready-on features, clocks, and other devices continue to use power even in the off position.
– Unplug chargers when phones, computers, and other items are fully charged, as chargers will continue to use electricity when plugged in.

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