Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

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As fall creeps slowly into the area, it is difficult for gardeners to say goodbye to their flower gardens that have added color and life to the landscape all summer. But even though frost will take out most of the seasonal color, there are plants that can withstand cold temperatures and winter weather. Granted, the grand displays of summer color can’t be expected for the winter months but some color and plenty of texture can last all winter long and there are plants that can keep the flower beds interesting and appealing until summer comes back again.

If you would like to have something growing in the garden throughout the year the upcoming workshop, Designing an All-Season Flower Garden might be a great opportunity to learn about some different plants and possibilities for your own garden. This free workshop will be presented on Thursday, September 13 at 6:00 at the Extension office at 130 Ammons Dr. in Morganton.

Registration is requested for this workshop. You can register by calling our office at 439-4460.

Pansy flowers in the snow