Burke County 4-H Honors Top 4-Her

— Written By N.C. Cooperative Extension

Burke County 4-Her’s work all year long on various 4-H projects that require time and dedication. Each year at 4-H Achievement Night, Burke County Cooperative Extension recognizes one Outstanding 4-Her of the Year. The Outstanding 4-Her of the Year for 2011 is Burke Pollard. Burke is 11 years old and a member of the Bridle Bunch 4-H Club and the Burke County 4-H Horse Club. 

This past year, Burke was busy with many 4-H projects, including goats, horses, poultry, cattle, and electric. Burke also attended 4-H Electric Congress last year as well as served as co-captain on the Burke County Horse Bowl team. Burke was also a county winner in both project book and presentation competitions.

A major part of 4-H is also teaching others using hands-on activities, which Burke has also done by volunteering at 4-H Farm Animal Day, 4-H Horsin’ Around day camps, and other 4-H Summer Fun events. Throughout his 4-H involvement this past year, Burke was also able to maintain good grades in school and participate in three sports. 

In 2011, Burke Pollard found great success in the Burke County 4-H program and truly earned the honor of Outstanding 4-Her of the Year.

If you would like more information about becoming involved with Burke County 4-H please speak with a 4-Her in your community or call the Burke County Extension office at 439-4460.

John Davis
Extension Agent